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V3 C2 Part 2 – 1 of 19 pages translated

Hello hello~ You guys might have noticed that translating has been going a bit slow as of late. I’ve been a little busy between the hiring drive where I work at school and finding an actual job for when I graduate. I’ll still make sure to have at least one part per month though!!


Removal of Individual Chapters from the Home Menu

After some deliberation, I’ve decided to get rid of all of the individual chapters from Rainy’s home menu bar. This was mainly because there were so many pages represented in the menu that the entire thing just looked like a hot mess from the admin end of things and I was getting tired of having to scroll down the entire list every time I put up a new one, especially since, to my understanding, most people don’t even use the menu to navigate —people typically use the Continue reading here link for current chapters and the Previous and Next page navigation options at the bottom of each chapter.

Each volume page still retains the TOC for all of the chapters (hyperlinked) that I’ve already translated. If you’d like me to include the titles for every chapter in that volume before I translate it, throw down a comment and I can get that done easily.

Rain Vol. 3 Ch. 1 Part 2

Aaand it’s finally up! Just as a heads up, my work is going through a hiring drive until mid-March, so updates might be slow until then.

The next chapter will be split into 3 shorter parts because I didn’t want to break it up somewhere unnatural, but I didn’t want to do more than 20 pages in one go either.

Also, if you haven’t already, please look at the post titled “F” on the homepage and answer the poll if you’re interested! Thanks!

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So, I was lurking around on novelupdates for a bit a few days back and I found a series called “F” in the novel requests section. The novel synopsis caught my interest (as did the art, which is done by Suzunosuke), and I decided to start reading it on my own. I’m about halfway into Chapter 2, and so far I like it quite a bit. The writing style is pretty different from Rain, so it was a nice change of pace too.

Here is the post from NUF: Link

Note: “The Maiden of Dawn and the Knight of the End” is just the first volume’s title, whereas “F” is the title of the series as a whole.

As I quickly realized that I like what I’ve read so far, and seeing that I already have the raw for myself anyway, I was wondering if people would be interested in a translation of this in the future. Please note that there are a few conditions to this to keep in mind:

  1. This will not affect my translation of Rain in any way, shape, or form. Rain will always be my main translation priority. At most, F will be a side project and nothing more.
  2. I will only translate this after I finish reading the volume myself first. And, as I only get in a few pages in every now and then, this might take a while (at least a month or so).
  3. The translation will be slow. Extremely slow. Like, maybe one chapter in two+ months slow. Given the choice, I will always put translating Rain first and I’ll only really translate F if I have the extra time after that or on the occasion that I get burnt out from translating Rain. There will also be no progress report for F, so any updates will come completely at random.
  4. If another group ends up picking this up, I’d be more than happy to negotiate something with them.

Please answer the poll so I can see if there’s any interest! Thanks!