Current Progress

Rain V5 C4 Part 1 – In Progress
The Daybreak V1 Ebook files – In Progress

I will be slowing down my translations while I adjust to law school. Please bear with me.

Please do not reupload my translations without my explicit permission.


The Daybreak Vol.1 Author’s Profile

And we’re done with volume 1!

As with my other projects, I will be taking the time to comb through the volume for minor edits and compiling ebook files for download. It will probably take a few weeks, since I will be busy irl also.


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The Daybreak Vol. 1 Ch. 7

Dun dun duuun! Enter the one character is this entire series that I despise! (not because of the writing though…I just hate people who are like that character)

Aaaand we’re basically done with this volume. That was so fast… O.o  Coming up next will be the Afterword, Side Story, and Author’s profile. They shouldn’t take too long.

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