Just wondering…

Should I make an epub for this after the volume is completed? Is anyone interested in having one? I’d have to learn how to do it, but I don’t imagine that it’ll be anything unreasonable, and I’d be more than happy to do it if anyone wanted it.

If no one responds by the time that I move on to volume 2, I’ll automatically assume ‘no’.

Edit: I will be making an epub once the entire volume, including the afterword, is completely translated. If anyone can recommend me any good tips/tutorials on how to make epubs, I’d greatly appreciate it. Cheers~

2 thoughts on “Just wondering…

  1. Yes if it isn’t to much trouble. Also thank you again for translating this story. It makes my day when i see a new chapter is ready to read.


    • Sure thing; I don’t mind! I’ll start looking into how to make one when I’m closer to completing this volume (i.e. while translating the afterwards section).

      You’re welcome, and thanks for reading~ I’m glad it makes your day 🙂


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