F Vol. 1 Illustrations

So…I ended up decided to pick this series up as a side project. For anyone who didn’t read my first post regarding this series, here is a reiteration of the conditions that I had for it as a translator:

  1. This will not affect my translation of Rain in any way, shape, or form. Rain will always be my main translation priority. F will only be a side project and nothing more.
  2. I will only translate this after I finish reading each volume myself first. I only get to read a few pages here and there, so this will take a while.
  3. The translation will be slow. Extremely slow. Like, maybe one chapter in two+ months slow. I will also be uploading whole chapters at once, instead of in parts like I do with Rain. Given the choice, I will always put translating Rain first and I’ll only really translate F if I have the extra time after that or on the occasion that I get burnt out from translating Rain. There will also be no progress report for F, so any updates will come completely at random.
  4. If another group wants to pick this up, I’d be more than happy to negotiate something with them.

That being said, F is a good read that I personally found to be quite charming. It is, however, a very different novel than Rain. For one, F is a shojo novel written in the first person perspective –specifically the perspective of Hibiki, a 15-year-old girl who acts and thinks like what you would expect of a sheltered 15-year-old girl. Thus, the style of this series is a lot less mature than that of Rain. Also, Fs pacing is much slower than Rain‘s. About two-thirds of the first volume is world-building, and the main characters don’t even get to their first objective by the end of the volume. While I would highly recommend anyone to at least give F a try, I will warn that it is a vastly different experience than Rain.

Lastly, the author has put this series on hiatus. It is currently three volumes long, but the last volume was published in 2015. According to the author’s blog, she seems to have major writer’s block in regards to this series (in part due to the differences between the web version and the published version, apparently) and is focusing on her numerous other works instead.

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