Rain Vol. 3 Ebook files

Wow, that took a while;;

I can’t believe that it’s already the end of volume 3!! It feels almost like I only started this translating thing just the other day. Knowing me, I’m surprised that I’ve been able to keep at it for so long and I’m all the happier for it.

Thank you everyone for bearing with my many, many typos (seriously, there were so many that I edited while making the ebook files…orz), and an especially big THANK YOU for everyone who’s left me a nice comment/email. It’s nice to receive feedback, and it’s really, really nice to know that people actually appreciate all the time and effort that goes into this. That’s what makes this all worthwhile, for me. So again, thank you~

And without further ado, the pdf, epub, and mobi files for this volume can be found in the Downloads page.

See you in volume 4!!!

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