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It has always been my intention to be as transparent about my translating as possible, so I wanted to provide a quick update about recent happenings in my life and how they will affect my translating from here on out for those who are interested. Most of it is good news for me, but maybe not so much for my readers.

Two major things happened in my life within the past couple of weeks:
1. I started an additional work function at my job
2. I was accepted into the law school program of my choice

Allow me to explain things in order. My new work function brings me closer to the legal department of my current workplace, which is a huge opportunity for me in terms of my career. It is, however, a very large learning curve and it will take me some time to acclimate to it and learn how to organize myself, as I will be working in this function in addition to my previously extant responsibilities. My department had originally planned to hire new temporary personnel for this role, but, upon my manager’s recommendation, it was given to me instead because they knew I was interested in the field. I am, frankly, a little overwhelmed by my new workload, but I am excited for the opportunity to learn.

On top of all of this, I was also accepted into law school and have begun the enrollment process. (I had to do the FAFSA again, which was gross…ick.) Again, I am very excited for this opportunity. It bears to mention, however, that the program I will be attending is a 4-year part-time program which I will be undertaking while also working full-time. I do not know what kind of impact this will have on my general everyday schedule once I begin school again this upcoming fall, though I am sure it will have considerable impact. I will also need to spend time sending applications to various external scholarships (again…), as my current scholarship from the school I will be enrolling into does not cover the full extent of my tuition and I would like to have as little student loans as possible.

Though not officially listed above –of note, I have also been getting more active within my local church community. I do not foresee, however, this interfering with my ability to translate, as I do not normally translate on the weekends anyway, but things may spill and have spilled over to the weekdays on occasion.


How this will affect my translating:

I will begin by saying that I intend to continue translating all of my current projects to the best of my ability.

That being said, my translating speed will likely be slower than what it has been recently.

In the short term, there will likely be a slight decrease in the speed of my primary project, Rain, and a definite decrease in the speed of my secondary project, F, while I use some of the time I would have normally spent translating to apply to scholarships. I will try to complete volume 2 of F before this kicks in; however, as always with translating, I will not make any promises. I imagine things will briefly go back to normal once I’ve finished applying to scholarships and completed the enrollment process.

I do not know, however, what things will look like in the long term. While excited, I am also somewhat terrified of what kind of workload I’ll be facing for the next four years of my life (the duration of the program), especially after all the horror stories I’ve heard about 1L. Again, I have every intention of continuing my translating, but I do not know how much things will change and cannot say anything for sure at this time. I will update again once I have a better understanding of things.

If things go poorly, I will do what I can to find someone to take over my projects (only if absolutely necessary) or find someone to help me manage the administrative and editorial side of translating so that I can focus on only the actual translating portion of the process. Hopefully, it won’t get to this point.


Anyhow, thank you always for your continuous readership, support, and understanding! I know that only a fraction of readers will actually take the time to read, much less care, about any of this, but it never fails to brighten my day when someone actually takes the time and energy to leave behind a comment. Seriously, you guys are the best~


PS. To the approximately 2 people who read my originals: Thank you so much for your support, but I unfortunately do not know if I’ll have the time to update them in the foreseeable future. Which kinda sucks because I did start the next chapters on some of them…somewhat. If you’re absolutely dying to know my personal thoughts about them and etc., please feel free to contact me using the Contacts page and I’ll be happy to share them with you (lol). This is something I wish I could’ve done with the authors of all the stories/fanfictions that I used to love but were dropped, and I hate to leave people hanging the same way I was.

tl;dr: I intend to keep translating, but updates might be slower in the near future due to life. There will be another update later in the year as I figure things out. Thank you.


5 thoughts on “News

    • Thank you!
      I’m not feeling guilty per se, but I know that I would’ve wanted a heads up if a series that I was following was about to slow down and I hate to put others in a position that I personally would have disliked too.

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  1. So happy for you! The time it takes you to translate is not as important to me. I just really like your translations. I don’t think I would enjoy reading anyone else’s translations.


  2. As a silent but appreciative reader, I really want to thank you for taking the time you already have for doing your translations and for keeping us updated. Congratulations to you, and whatever happens in terms of future translations, please be sure to prioritize what is important to you.


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