F Vol. 2 Ebooks

Ebook are up. Please find them on the Downloads page.

There’s only one more book left to go in this series! What a ride it’s been so far!

Mild spoilers ahead.

Unfortunately, the series is on an indefinite hiatus after volume 3 because the author does not seem to know how she wants to proceed with the series. Personally, I do not think that she will pick it up again at all, because volume 3 ends at a good stopping point for the story –Hibiki’s journey through a desolate world with only Louie as her companion comes to an end. It is of my opinion that the author wanted to write a story about two people traveling through an otherwise empty world, and that is accomplished within the first three books that are published. Volume 4 onward would have been the start of a completely new arc, which the author, understandably, probably wont have the time or energy for, as she has many other series that she is working on.

Still, F ends on a fairly good note, and it is my hope that you guys will join me through one last volume.

I also have another short series that I want to do after F that I think any fans of F will like, so please keep that in the back of your minds too!!

Thanks, and Enjoy!


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