Rain: Bookwalker vs. Kindle

Hello hello~!

As of late, I’ve been considering switching over from Bookwalker to Kindle for my Rain raws. The only real reason why I’ve kept with Bookwalker until now was because 1) I started on Bookwalker and 2) it generates stable page numbers. However, to my experience, Kindle PC/mobile is much more user-friendly, especially on the mobile side. The Bookwalker mobile app is extremely unwieldy, and I can’t deny that being able to tap a word I don’t recognize on Kindle and automatically bring up a dictionary is immensely useful. Because of this, I can translate even when I’m away from my personal laptop/desktop as long as I have access to my google drive, which makes my translations ‘faster’. (It’s why I’ve been so much faster with The Daybreak than I have been with my other series, like Rain.)

Literally the only thing that’s keeping me from switching over is the fact that Bookwalker generates page numbers, which I use in the status page. That’s about it.

Do people even look at the “x of x pages translated” line? Because if not, then there’s really no point in sticking with Bookwalker, especially when I can (probably) translate faster on Kindle.

Let me know below. If you pick option 3, I will not count your vote unless you comment on how I’m suppose to get page numbers on Kindle in the comments below. Btw, I will not be buying the raws on both Bookwalker and Kindle just so you can have both, because that is ridiculous. I guess I could also individually mark each page on Kindle with a bookmark/highlight or something, but that’s a huge pain in the ass…

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