Light and Shadow; Adonis

Finally decided to take the time and read the Adonis novels (one of my favorite webtoons ever and also the webtoon that got me really, really hooked on webtoons in general). It’s a slow read, because I don’t have nearly as much free time as I used to, but it’s glorious.

I’m low-key considering picking Adonis up as a secondary project after I’m done with The Daybreak. The only things that make me nervous is that it’s like 11 volumes (600+ chapters! Oof)… And also that so many of the comments I’ve seen for the series on Tapas are a bunch of entitled little pricks complaining about the fact that the series went on (and is currently on) a few hiatuses. And I really don’t want to have to deal with people like that.

To be completely honest, entitled pricks are probably the dealbreaker as for why I’ve decided to never pick up Light and Shadow for good. (There are other, bigger reasons too –namely the fact that there’s so much smut in the novel and, while I have nothing against reading smut, having to sit there and translate pages and pages of smut was probably one of the most tedious things I’ve ever suffered myself to do. Like, I can only write about how Eli and Edna had sex so many freaking times before my brain rots and I want to throw my laptop at a wall…) And if you think I’m being petty for letting that one commenter be the straw that broke the camel’s back on my decision not to translate Light and Shadow, then yeah, I’m petty. So what of it? I’ve never understood what it is about shoving their entitlement issues at someone else’s face that makes people think it’s a good way to persuade others into doing something; and frankly, I don’t want to understand either.

This is my unofficial, official determination that Rainy Translations will never be picking up Light and Shadow. I also will not be releasing the 10-ish chapters I have on file that I’ve already translated because I can already see the comments I’m going to get from the aforementioned entitled pricks, and I’m not going to deal with that.


But anyway, back to my original point…

Adonis is soo good and I’m just…ahhhhhh >~<

8 thoughts on “Light and Shadow; Adonis

  1. Ohhh my, i feel so sad that you are not picked up the light and shadow novel anymore. I really love the manhwa and thats make me wants to read the novel because it is more detail. Yeah I understand your feeling as translator because I am also arabic translator and sometime there will be some people will condemn our hard work and make us feel to stop doing this work anymore. Btw, thanks for translating the teasers part, I really enjoyed it and wish you the best in your life. Looking foward your next project.

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  2. Personally, I think you should release the chapters you already translated or it would’ve been a waste for you to translate it. Just delete those comments of those pricks. But, that is ultimately your decision.


  3. Huhu, I am so sorry for asking you this Miss Sephiriaevangeline, but can you release all the 10 chapters that you already translate, because I wanted it badly to continue reading this novel. I had search about this novel being translated and could not found it and try to find this novel at ebook. At the beginning, I wanted to buy the novel in Korean version but I realize that I cannot read Hangul at all. Even I tried to translate some other Korean text but I think you know how google translate work, the sentence not structured at all. Can you consider to at least release that 10 chapter, I am sorry if my words disturbing you. Hope the best from you. Thank you.


  4. I am glad you are still determined to translate Daybreak, it’s fantastic. As for Adonis… why not consider translating it when it’s complete. That way the hiatuses won’t be such an issue, and you won’t have worked on something where you hate the ending. Sorry you have to deal with hostility from strangers, I wouldn’t be able to take that. I would like to read Adonis or Light and Shadow but your choice to translate Daybreak was excellent and I trust if you choose shelter stories, they’ll be just as high quality video interesting.

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    • *edit: I would like to read Adonis or Light and Shadow but your choice to translate Daybreak was excellent and I trust if you choose shorter stories, they’ll be just as high quality and interesting.


    • To clarify: The manhwa for Adonis is on hiatus, the original novels were completed last year (I believe). I would be translating the novels, not the manhwa.
      Also, I will not be translating Light and Shadow. Not only because of entitled people, but also because it has WAY more smut than I anticipated and translating porn without plot is just straight up boring for me as a translator.

      Thank you! I hope to deliver on your expectations of my translation choices 🙂


  5. Thanks for translating the teaser.
    I see what you’re saying about the arduous amount of smut to translate. The manga was not nearly as sexually charged or as violent as the teaser.

    Maybe I’ll try learning Hangul, I certainly have the time for it now that we’re in the midst of a pandemic. In the mean time I’m really looking forward to reading more of your work.
    I hope you and your loved ones are healthy!

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