Rainy Translations FAQs

Q: Is there a regular update schedule?/Can you update regularly?
A: For the time being, Adonis will update on Tuesday and Fridays. However, this is not set in stone. I will do my best to keep the Status Page updated in the event I am not able to make a scheduled update. Other projects will be updated as they come.

Q: When will [insert title here] be updated?
A: When it’s ready to be updated. As far as I’m concerned, I do this for free and I get to set my own timeframes. So stop asking.

Q: Do you have all of the raws?
A: I buy my raws in ebook format as I go. I’m too cheap to spend twice the actual cost of the book for shipping, lol. So, no, I do not have all of the raws, but I am able to easily purchase and download them as I please.

I buy all of my raws (if applicable) out of pocket, and this is an expense that I am both willing and able to incur. Please do not ask me for raws. I will not be providing any raws. Ever.

Q: Do you get paid to translate?
A: Nope, and I don’t plan to. Rainy is a free fan-translation site, and I intend to keep it that way. I am also personally against asking for donations for doing this because a) I am not the author of this work, b) I technically do not have permission from either the author or publisher to translate, and c) I am personally against receiving money for a sharing a story that I did not write.

I don’t get any ad revenue from this site either, so feel free to use adblockers! (Seriously, ads suck, use them.)

I did, however, use my translating as the basis of an independent study I did in school for credit in my Japanese minor.

If you enjoy my translations, please consider buying a copy of the novels to support the author! Links to purchase raws are available on the main project page for each series.

Q: How long does it take you to translate?
A: Currently about 15 – 30min per page. (It used to take me almost 3 hours/page when I first started, so I’ve gotten better with practice >w<)

Q: Can I use your translation to translate one of your projects into another language on my own site?/Can I make ebooks of your translation and post them on my own site?
A: Ask first, and credit after. I generally won’t say no, unless you plan on making money off of work that I uploaded here for free. Please link back to Rainy Translations in the credits.

Please do not reupload, retranslate, or share my translations of Adonis in any way, shape, or form.

For those who couldn’t even be bothered to ask/credit: I don’t really care because it’s not like I get paid to do this or anything, but f*ck you. Also, for those of you who spread around the translations that I specifically asked you not to share –the only thing you’ve accomplished is to make it more likely that I’ll take down my translations and stop translating them altogether. The only people you’re harming are fellow readers like yourself. Nice job, idiot.

Q: Can you translate [insert title here]?
A: Nope. I will translate whatever I series I happen to fancy translating. I will ask for recommendations for consideration if and when I want them.

Please also note that shoving your entitlement in my face and attempting to guilt me into translating something will likely backfire on you and make me less inclined to pick up your desired project :). Seriously. Or at least have the balls to be honest about why you want me to pick something up —because you want to read it but you can’t read the original language— and don’t give me some bullshit about how it’ll help me improve my writing skills or how it’s such a shame for something to not get translated.

Q: Why did you edit/delete my comment, or portions of my comment?
A: I reserve the right to delete any and all identifiable personal information that I find on Rainy. Please do not include any personal information on this website. I define “identifiable personal information” as any information that would fall under HIPAA regulations (i.e., name, birthday, address, email, etc.) in the US. Any spam not filtered by WordPress will also be deleted at my discretion.

Also, please try to keep the comments section relevant to the page. Any miscellaneous inquiries directed to me can be sent via email through the Contacts page or through the chat box at the bottom of the page. Thank you.

House Rules Regarding Secondary Projects:

  1. They will not affect my main translation project in any way, shape, or form.
  2. I will try to upload whole chapters at once, which can make the translation slower. I will, however, split chapters up at my personal discretion if I feel that they are so long that they are unwieldy.
  3. Any novel marked as a teaser is up for grabs. Please note, however, that I will not be providing any raws. This is non-negotiable.
  4. Just because I put up a teaser, it does not necessarily mean I will pick up the novel series as a main or secondary project. In the event I do decide to continue translating something beyond a teaser, the project will no longer be marked as a teaser.

**I reserve the right to change my answers at any time should circumstances change.**