Rain Vol. 2 Side Story Part 1

All the world’s a meme, and all men and women merely memers.

I can’t wait until finals are over T-T. Any positive vibes you can spare would be much appreciated!!

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Rainy is now open for proofreader/s!

Hello hello~

So, a couple people have contacted me about willing to become an editor/proofreader for Rainy within the past year, and while I was and am still happy that people were willing to help, I declined the offer –mainly because I barely had any idea what I was doing as a translator. However, now that I’ve gotten used to it, I am more willing to give having an editor/proofreader a go.

In general, I am looking for a proofreader who will read over each part for typos/wording choices after I finish translating and before I update. I would greatly prefer that whoever does this has 1) a very strong grasp of the English language and 2) the ability to get back to me with an edited document within a day or two.

Because I update irregularly, and because this method will technically make it a day or two longer between releases, I will not be recruiting aggressively and will simply keep the position open for the time being. I am also aware that most translators typically keep a google doc where editors/proofreaders edit/proofread as the translator translates. The reason I am staying away from this option is simply because I happen to dislike google docs. Still, I would be open for convincing.

Anyways, please contact me or comment below if you’re interested or have any questions! Any advice would be appreciated as well! Otherwise, I’ll just keep translating as normal~ It’s not super imperative that I get a proofreader anytime soon (though it would be nice).

Thanks in advance!


Random venting. Pls ignore.

Venting because I just spent half an hour trying to figure out what 当たるを幸い meant, because the phrase by itself was just so grammatically wrong and made no sense to me (it uses a verb 当たる as a noun without a nominalizer). Evidently, the Japanese have idiomatic phrases for other idiomatic phrases. Idiom-ception! Thank you, Japan.

…thank god for Google-sensei T^T