Removal of Individual Chapters from the Home Menu

After some deliberation, I’ve decided to get rid of all of the individual chapters from Rainy’s home menu bar. This was mainly because there were so many pages represented in the menu that the entire thing just looked like a hot mess from the admin end of things and I was getting tired of having to scroll down the entire list every time I put up a new one, especially since, to my understanding, most people don’t even use the menu to navigate —people typically use the Continue reading here link for current chapters and the Previous and Next page navigation options at the bottom of each chapter.

Each volume page still retains the TOC for all of the chapters (hyperlinked) that I’ve already translated. If you’d like me to include the titles for every chapter in that volume before I translate it, throw down a comment and I can get that done easily.




I made a pretty bad translation error in Chapter 5 when Rain repeats something that a certain old man once told him because I misread the kanji 誤り (error) for 誇り (pride), which COMPLETELY changed the mood of the scene.

It is fixed.

Anyone who’s been keeping up with the side story should maybe consider re-reading that scene in chapter 5, because it comes up again in the last part of the side story.

I’m so sorry… T^T