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Edit 6/14/17:

It’s fixed now!!



Translation Note

A universal edit has been made to change Leni’s and Senoa’s titles (隊長) from “Commander” to “Captain.” I had originally used “Commander” because they each supposedly commanded 1,000 of Rain’s men and they were higher ranked than 百人隊長 (centurion, captain of a hundred men). However, I’ve come to realize that 指揮官 (commander) is used pretty frequently in the original Japanese text, so I decided to make this change in order to prevent any possible confusion in the future.

Sorry for the confusion!

These changes have been made in all pertinent pages at this time.



As I need to study and prepare for my final exams and papers for the next couple of weeks, I will be translating at a slightly slower pace than I usually do. This slower pace will likely continue into mid-June because I will also be studying to take the LSAT. I’m sorry that this change of pace happened just as we reached the section of the novel that hadn’t already been translated on bakatsuki, but please bear with me for the next couple of months.

Sorry again, and thanks for your understanding!