F update!!!


So, I hadn’t noticed until just now that going into HTML mode on wordpress automatically got rid of any words that were in <> in the body text. Which means that there were some awkward spaces in Chapter 1 in which words were missing!

They should have been fixed! Sorry about that!


Footnote links added to F Ch. 1!

Footnote links have been added to F V1C1 now that I’ve finally figured out why it wasn’t working the first time around! Special thanks to AdCaelum for all their help!


Edit: AdCaelum is also a translator and y’all should check out their projects!!

Rain Vol. 3 Ch. 3 Part 1

I never know what to put here. Do people even read this??


On a side note, despite what I’d initially promised, I am going to make an exception for this one time and push out the first chapter of F vol. 1 before focusing on my next chapter of Rain. I’ll still be working on Rain, just not as heavily as I normally would. The reason for this is that I kinda felt bad that so many people visited the site when I first took on F and released the illustrations, but I didn’t have any actual translated content up for you guys (thank you all for the support tho QAQ). Still, I’m about 2/3s of the way done with F and the next part of Rain is pretty long, so I don’t think it’ll push back my timetable for Rain by too much.

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Removal of Individual Chapters from the Home Menu

After some deliberation, I’ve decided to get rid of all of the individual chapters from Rainy’s home menu bar. This was mainly because there were so many pages represented in the menu that the entire thing just looked like a hot mess from the admin end of things and I was getting tired of having to scroll down the entire list every time I put up a new one, especially since, to my understanding, most people don’t even use the menu to navigate —people typically use the Continue reading here link for current chapters and the Previous and Next page navigation options at the bottom of each chapter.

Each volume page still retains the TOC for all of the chapters (hyperlinked) that I’ve already translated. If you’d like me to include the titles for every chapter in that volume before I translate it, throw down a comment and I can get that done easily.