Rain Vol. 3 Ch. 6 Part 2

Just wondering, but do people actually visit Rainy Translations on a daily/almost-daily basis? There’s always a decent amount of views on the page even when there isn’t an update.

Is there any other information that you’d like to see on Rainy’s homepage?

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Rain Vol. 3 Ch. 6 Part 1

Does anyone know how Markdown works with wordpress? I have it turned on in my admin page, but I couldn’t get the footnotes function to work for the life of me. Making footnotes in HTML is a little annoying since switching over to HTML tends to ruin some of my formatting, especially if the text has brackets in it…


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Rain Vol. 3 Ch. 5 Part 1

A short chapter part in which we don’t actually see Joe Lamberck yet…


On another note, I recently received a new job offer which I’ll be starting next week! More pertinently, I don’t know what my schedule will be like once I start working, which is why I might not be able to keep up my regular pace in the meanwhile. I still intend to do my upmost to keep translating, so please bear with me for a while! >~<

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