Diary of a Demon King

More shameless self-promotion, whoo~~

This is something of an experimental piece for me. I don’t know how far into this project I’ll go, but it’s an idea that I’ve been sitting on for at least a few years.

As usual, read at your own risk.

A series of files from a diary chronicling the life of the girl who became the 42nd Demon King and her inevitable descent into madness.


[File 001]

[File 002]

[File 003]

2 thoughts on “Diary of a Demon King

  1. Hmm… I’m usually not into dark tragedies but I am open to surprises. Will give it a chance – starting tomorrow, after getting a good shut eye 😅


  2. I like the idea and plot as it is a somewhat different direction than most. I also like the characters. I enjoy reading it and hope you continue it.


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