King Leygur, who had been leisurely taking a walk in the hidden gardens of his castle, felt a presence and promptly stopped in his tracks.

The guards who had been stationed in the vicinity had disappeared at some point, and a number of men with whom he was quite familiar with intruded the courtyard in their stead.

They were generals who served Zarmine, and were currently vassals to Leygur.

However, their forced show of respect had vanished without a trace and had now been replaced with bloodlust…

“Oh? Have you come to save me some trouble? To think that you would reveal your true natures on your own.”

Leygur brushed away his silver hair, which was long enough to cover one of his black eyes, and glared.

A frosty expression took hold of his stunning visage.

The four generals, who held pride in their battle experience, succumbed to the impulse to instinctively step away from Leygur’s unfaltering attitude.

But their representative, Arvin, a middle-aged man around his forties, spoke up in a loud voice.

“Silence! We have endured in silence ever since you killed the previous king five years ago. However! This is our limit! We can no longer ignore the fact that you bring aimless strife upon this world!”

The other three shouted out in unanimous agreement. Keeping up with the momentum, they each drew their swords. Four longswords flashed in the sunlight and gleamed as one.

Nevertheless, Leygur continued to retain his composure.

He appeared to be in his twenties, and he should have been inexperienced in comparison to the generals when it came to combat, but the only word he spat out in response was, “ridiculous.”


“Did you truly think that you could ever hope to defeat me? To think that you were such fools. In any case, I’ll gladly take the opportunity rid myself of a few nuisances.”

He gazed at them as if they were mere objects.

“What I currently seek is a subordinate who has surpassed all others— no,”

he stopped mid-sentence and burst out in laughter.

“I want a strong and capable subordinate who has not only surpassed all others, but can even take down the strongest mythical beasts. I don’t need mediocre people like you, who can’t even measure your own worth. Especially for my plans to come.”

The four generals knit their eyebrows at the king’s words.

The strongest mythical beast referred to dragons, which lived for thousands of years, so Leygur must have been talking about Dragon Slayers.

They were only spoken of in ancient legends.

It was said that those who defeated a dragon, the strongest mythical beast, on their own would inherit all of its powers.

……Of course, such people only existed in mere legends.

“Ludicrous. You truly are insane. We should have done this much earlier,”

one of the generals, Piers, spat out.

Leygur simply laughed in response.

“Ludicrous, you say? No matter. You will all be dying here anyway. The rest of this discussion no longer pertains to you—”

Leygur moved just as he finished speaking. An ominous crimson light burned bright before the four traitors.

Leygur unsheathed his magic sword and drew its blade, which gave off a blood-red magical aura, and instantaneously closed the distance between himself and Piers.

His speed had surely surpassed the realm of human ability.

The only thing that the battle-hardened Piers could do was to bring up his sword.

Leygur was so overwhelmingly fast that he only appeared as a blur.

The magic sword came down like a bolt of lightning and split Piers and his raised sword vertically in two.

Without missing a beat, Leygur quickly regained his distance. Piers’ corpse split all the way down through his armor just moments later. His freshly spilt blood sprayed out like a fountain and fell down like rain upon his dumbfounded colleagues.

Arvin involuntarily gasped and took several steps backwards. Casually, Leygur raised his hand and called out in a small voice,

“magic light!”

and a burst of white magical light turned into a torrent that surged forth from the palm of his hand.

Too afraid to move, Arvin took the blast head-on and fell to the ground as his torso was charred black.

The remaining two generals hastily retreated from the smoking corpse.

“Ma, magic?! But he never even chanted a rune!”

“This, this isn’t humanly possible! You couldn’t possibly be—”

Leygur did not let him finish.

He casually closed in again and swung the magic sword sideways in a perfect arc, beheading both of them at once.

They could not even scream in pain.

Both of them died in an instant. Their already empty eyes stared reproachfully up at the sky, and their blood began to dye the earth around them.

When they had been alive, they had been generals whose valor had been known throughout the land. Yet, all four of them had unquestionably been turned into corpses in just ten seconds.

Without changing his expression, Leygur sheathed his cherished magic sword, “Justice,” back into its scabbard.

He turned his eyes away from the dead and calmly looked up at the heavens.

“Well then, I believe it’s finally time for me to have to search for new subordinates. I wonder whether someone who meets my expectations exists in this world…”

he twisted his lips as he whispered to himself.

Well, it wasn’t as if he hadn’t any candidates.

——Perhaps it was about time to test him out.

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