Vol. 1 Afterword


I have always wanted to become a “person who writes novels.”

To write a novel and see it lined up at the bookstore…… I have always aspired for that ever since I was a child.

The reason I don’t say that I “wanted to become a novelist,” is because that place felt so far away from me.

Even now, I still feel that it is.


Thinking back, I was always reading books as an elementary schooler.

While my friends were playing dodgeball and baseball, I was traveling far away on a shaking train to the library and back.

It was my greatest pleasure to feel my heart beat excitedly as I touched upon numerous stories.

It was my wish to be buried in books.

I was happy as long as I was reading books. But one day, I want to be someone who writes them, too! I began to have such thoughts that were beyond my means.

When my elementary school teacher at the time asked me, “what do you want to become in the future?” I think I passionately brought only this to my teacher’s attention.

But people change, for better or worse. Even I, who had always dreamed when I was an elementary schooler, changed little by little.

I was shown many of the things you would call the truths of the world, and I became unable to keep talking about my dreams like I had in the past. It sounds nice if you say that I had grown up, but in other words, I had given up.

In truth, I should have had many other dreams too.

However, they had disappeared one after another as the years went by…… And ultimately only my first dream of wanting to become a “person who writes novels” remained.

Moreover I, being the lazy person that I am, only thought about what I wanted to be and did not put in the crucial effort needed, and a long, long time had passed by the time I realized this.

I’ll surprise my mother one day when I have my own book and show it to her. And she’ll be so happy…… I had secretly harbored such thoughts, but these wishes had become impossible to achieve.

It was probably around that time when I seriously panicked and fiercely began to write. My start had been truly late.


I don’t have any more time…… I told myself as I tried to slack off, and wrote long and short stories one after another——

Ironically, for whatever reason, the first short story I had written had, now, become a book.

Yes, Rain had originally been a hand-written short story of maybe thirty pages.

But, as I uploaded it on the net every day as a longer serialization, I was fortunate enough that it gained popularity——

Before I realized it, a thousand hundred-something people were coming to read it every day.

And this story, which was supposed to have been short, grew longer as I kept writing and had somehow become over two thousand pages long.

This time, I was very glad that I showed it off to the world, even if it only in part.


I guess I should write about this novel too.

Although I love all of the characters that appear in this work——I especially love Rain.

Rain was the first character I created among all of the novels I’ve written, but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to create a character who tops him.

It somehow seems that he has the greatest presence among all of my characters, doesn’t it?

To me, Rain’s existence played a big part in transforming a thirty-paged short-story that was supposed to have quietly disappeared into a longer story of over two thousand pages.

I would be very happy if everyone who’s read this so far also came to love Rain (and the other characters too).


And now, to the people who have continued to love this story ever since it was serialized on the internet.

Thank you so much for keeping up with a story this long.

If you guys had given up and abandoned this story, I probably would have abandoned it long ago as well.

I received comments in general, but I received many more comments when I was discouraged, as if they had been timed on purpose, and I found myself flustered and thinking, “there’s no way I can stop writing now.”

And thus, Rain’s story has become a book. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Next, to all of the people who helped me get published.

Thank you so much for giving me a chance when I was still relatively unknown. I watched on with disbelief every time my points increased.

I hope this book will sell and I will be able to repay your kindness……

Next, I give my deepest thanks to the publishing company and everyone who helped me publish this piece. I’m sure that I troubled you all greatly because of my clumsy manuscript.


And lastly, of course——

I thank you, who are reading this right now, from the bottom of my heart……

August 2005       Takumi Yoshino



Paperback edition afterword

For those who are new, it’s nice to meet you.

I’m Yoshino. Please treat me well. And, if there are readers who have been reading from before, thank you as always.


So, this is the first paperback volume of Rain.

To explain a little for the newcomers, this work was originally something that I wrote in between submissions. At the time, it had had a different title. This is a novel that I wrote with a feeling of ease and freedom after the more restrictive submissions.

Ironically, I wrote this as I pleased, but perhaps it was because the main character, Rain, made a strong impression…… In any case, there were people who fervently read this work even then.

This was one of the biggest reasons why, ten years ago, I diligently wrote Rain alongside the submissions that I had to write. Before I knew it, it had become a much longer story, and in the end, the story had matured into a manuscript that easily exceeded two-thousand pages, including additional material. Thus, Rain became its own tankobun (T/N: a specific book format generally reserved for manga and light novels) and continues even now.

Speaking of tankobun, I have an unforgettable memory of when Rain became a book.

I’ll omit the details of how this work got to be published because it was written in the other afterword, but a little while after it was published, I received a phone call from the publishing company.

If I remember correctly, I believe it had been a week after it launched.

“Rain is selling! We’re printing additional copies!”

I remember being so happy I jumped up and down when I was told this over the phone.

What remains most in my heart is how much Rain had betrayed my expectations for the better by so much.

“Unlike the plain old boring me, he (Rain) is a weird guy, huh.”

——It was a moment where I seriously thought as such.

Hopefully, I will be able to see this story to its end. And I will keep hoping from the bottom of my heart that anyone who reads it will enjoy doing so.


Thank you to all the people who supported me in the making of this book.

And lastly, of course, I offer my most heartfelt thanks to you who have bought this book.

Takumi Yoshino

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