Vol. 2 Afterword


I was able to release the second volume of Rain.

Thank you so very much.

Even after releasing a book, my daily life has not changed. As always I continue days of writing every day.

If there is anything that changed, it may be that Rain, out of the bunch of novels I am writing, has the possibility of getting published.


I have a rather long relationship with Rain.

Even still, there are still a lot of parts that I haven’t fully grasped yet, isn’t there?

After all, Rain is pretty selfish and isn’t honest, and on top of that he looks full of confidence while he’s carrying around heavy suffering.

Even when things are really painful, if you only look at his face he is smiling fearlessly, and you can never let your guard down around him. Shelfa is probably the only one who as unwavering faith in Rain.

Actually, I feel like several of the characters in this book have been tricked by Rain’s arrogant lines and brazen expression.

——Although even I, the person saying that, might be getting tricked by Rain from time to time just like them.

Because as I write Rain, I can’t help but feel that I am the one who is getting pulled along by him.

Though it would be nice if I could know more about Rain after our long relationship together.


This time too, I am very indebted to many people.

As I release this book, I give thanks to all of the people who gave me their support.


And lastly, of course, I give my heartfelt thanks to you who has this book in your hands.

March 2006        Respectfully yours, Takumi Yoshino



Paperback Edition Afterword

This is the second paperback edition of Rain.

They’re coming out one after another in a short interval of time, but thank you very much to the people who have followed them from the beginning.


One of my pleasures after having become someone who writes novels is to go around bookstores.

As the words suggest, I look around various bookstores in search of my books. Normal days aside, there are many instances where I go out excitedly whenever a new book is out.

However, perhaps because my patience is poor, I never stay at one place for long, and unfortunately, I can still count the number of people whom I have seen purchase my books.

That being said, I frequently see people reading my books in the store, perhaps because they are considering it before they buy.

And perhaps it was a coincidence, whether they were reading it in the store or whether they were buying it, the people I saw were mostly older for some reason. Or rather, most of them fell between the ages of thirty~fifty. I saw too many people for it to be just a coincidence, so I probably think that there is definitely an older age group somewhere unseen.

As for why I say “somewhere unseen,” is that the average person who gives me feedback is often from the younger generation. On the other hand, as I mentioned above, the people I see holding my books in their hands are always of much older ages.

That is why I selfishly decided to think that “there must be a lot of older readers somewhere unseen.” When I think that, I become very happy.

I think that a writer’s joy is when, regardless of age or occupation, as many people read and enjoy their works as possible…… Though it is somewhat difficult. I don’t know whether you who is reading this right now is a teen or an older person, but I’d be happy if you were able to spend even a little moment of pleasure.

And for the older people, many people around your age reads this, so it’s okay to please relax——I’ll just write a postscript here.

Furthermore, there is a comic edition of Rain drawn by artist Megumi Sumikawa. For those who not only like novels but also like comics, please check that out too.

There may be a different kind of pleasure if you read the comic edition of Rain.


As I release this book, I give thanks to all of the people who gave me their support.

And lastly, of course, I give my heartfelt thanks to you who has this book in your hands.

Respectfully yours, Takumi Yoshino

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