[In an instant, the writhing flames, having received multiple times the magic they had been getting, pushed against the wall of ice and broke through.

The overwhelming whirlpool of flames took the form of a crimson dragon and rushed for Junna.]


[“I real~ly love that boy! I wanna meet him soon. And when I do, I’m gonna have him hug me lots——”]



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One thought on “Illustrations

  1. Personally, I feel the designs are fine though a bit jarring considering we’re used to the old ones, but I could understand why the faces seem weird; they have a bit of a doll-like appearance to them. All the guys without beards seem almost effeminate in the last image. Rain included.

    To be fair, this isn’t the only LN to suddenly shift artists; Infinite Stratos did too, shifting from the previous one to CHOCO.

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