Vol. 3 Afterword


I’ve written the afterword for this volume, but Rain was originally a short story of only about ten pages long. It was also written back when I wrote things by hand, so the raw manuscript was composed in ugly handwriting when you looked at it and had a muddy aura.

This was about almost ten years ago, but, in any case, at the time I was moved by the panic of, “I have to set about writing a novel in earnest!” Naturally, it was a panic born of having procrastinated too much until that point, but it is true that I was moved by the impulse that……I had to get things in motion.

But, no matter how much I loved reading, it was too reckless to suddenly challenge myself to write a long novel——I thought at the time.

So, I would first warm up by writing short stories and get used to writing compositions……that is what I thought.

It sounded like a pretty good idea, but I (and I wasn’t very good at writing long stories) was pretty bad at short stories to the bitter end, and I did not think that they were very good even though I had taken great pains to write them.

Still, I, tenacious about the strangest things, stitched together stories and continued to write on my manuscript paper in small handwriting and ended up writing several dozen short stories. One of them was the first prototype for Rain.

……But, when I looked at it, it was the worst out of the lot.

After all, the outline of that volume of Rain had basically been crammed into a short story of only thirty pages almost just as it was. There was a limit to how unreasonable things could be.

I don’t have the manuscript with me anymore so I can’t confirm, but it is mysterious even to me that it was possible.

However, I wasn’t going to be satisfied until I had someone read it either way, so I had my friend read it. ……Strangely enough, they gave it a favorable reputation. Though I set it aside for a little while, it might have become the foundation for me to re-write it as a long story later.

In any event, Rain is quite the tenacious guy……


I received the help of many people this time as well.

I give my passionate thanks to all of the people who supported me in bringing out this book.

And lastly, of course, I give my earnest thanks to you who has this book in your hands.

June 2006           Respectfully yours, Takumi Yoshino


Paperback Edition Afterword

I admire those who have abundant talent.

But, only gods can be truly omnipotent, so those kinds of existences are a different story.

For example, if you, who is reading this, are a student, you might have an idea of someone with abundant talent as one or two of your classmates.

Your classmates might easily understand lectures that you have a difficult time with, or get good marks on tests even though they haven’t really previewed or reviewed the material. Or, maybe it’s someone who draws something that’s “already a fine work of art!” during art class, unlike your scribble-level piece (that’s how it looks like to you).

Or someone who had never written a novel before, but the first thing they write is good enough to wow the judges!!

That last example had a bit of my own envy mixed into it——

It’s not limited to students, and working people might also surprisingly have an idea of someone in the same company who “works better than the rest,” perhaps?

Indeed, you might be hesitant to call them geniuses, but owners of abundant talent might be closer to you than you think. People are never equal to begin with.

Naturally, for someone like me who is incompetent and lacking in ability, I can’t help but be jealous and jealous of those who were blessed with that kind of talent. If only I had more talent……ahh, how many times have I sagged my shoulders and thought such thoughts in my life until now?

——However, talented people and geniuses should have their own respective worries.

Rain is a possessor of rare talent when it comes to fighting, but he might not really be happy about that. As a bonus, he’s actually quite awkward with anything other than fighting, and there are even times when he is worse at things than others. He looks more arrogant than anyone else at a first glance, but in truth, he is timider than anyone on the inside——or he might be.

Besides, besides, the people who he lost in the past won’t return to his side no matter how strong he becomes. This has already cast a dark shadow over Rain’s heart.

But even still……even still, in the end, from my, a mediocre person’s, point of view, Rain is an enviable man.

As a mediocre author, I want to watch over where my brooding protagonist is going even as I am anxious about it. And, I hope he will one day arrive at an appropriate end to his journey.


I give my passionate thanks to all of the people who supported me in bringing out this book.

And lastly, of course, I give my earnest thanks to you who has this book in your hands.

Respectfully yours, Takumi Yoshino

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